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how much is a tragus piercing

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Ear stretching jewellery divvied up into plugs/tunnels and expanders/tapers. Lets deal with plugs/tunnels first. They are pretty much the same externally, but the important bit is whether you are looking at a saddle or a flare. A saddle has a bit more flexibility in its wearable area as it doesn't come to an abrupt halt like a flare. However, you dont want your ear to be hanging over the edge of your saddle to be too prominent! Some flares can be pretty squared off, particularly acrylic/surgical steel and screw fit styles. Either way, the true wearable area for plugs and tunnels is the measurement from the front to the back (not the gauge as many people assume). Many styles wont offer you an option, whereas some brands, such as Kaos Softwear, offer a number of wearable areas to choose from. Generally the wearable area will get smaller as the gauge increases.
how much is a tragus piercing
Expanders/tapers offer the best flexibility of wearable area an expander goes on and on and on, so as long as your ears are ridiculously massive, they should fit pretty much any expander of the correct gauge without it flapping around too much. You can always use a couple of (or just one) o-ring so keep it in place.

I've probably missed some, but this covers all of the basic styles of body jewellery out there. Choose carefully!

Red Piranha Body Jewellery UK can offer you a wide range of body piercing and ear stretching jewellery in loads of different lengths, diameters, gauges and wearable areas.
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